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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Probuzz Media Membership Card

Probuzz Media has introduced a membership plan in your city Varanasi, We will you an exciting discount and exclusive gift voucher at your favorite shop, Restaurant, Hotel, Beauty parlor, Education sector and many more. We are committed you to give the excellent services that you will never experience before.

Advantge Membership Card
  • Gift Voucher upto 5000
  • Exclusive Discount
  • Corporate Network Benifit
  • Probuzz Sponsership

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Probuzz Media membership card

Probuzz Media Membership Card
introduce a membership plan in Varanasi city. Which will give our member to get an exciting discount and exclusive gift voucher at your favorite shop, Restaurant, Hotel, Beauty parlor, Education sector and many more. We are committed you to give the excellence services that you will newer experience before.
The core business of Probuzz media is creating a public relationship. We have good public relation. We have experienced that business need customers and customers are looking for good service at the lowest cost. Probuzz creates a bridge between Business and customers in the form of membership.
A Probuzz membership plan holder will have the benefit of a massive discount on Varanasi top Restaurant, Hotel, Education Sector, Beauty parlor, Spa, Salon, Medical sectors and many more. Our Associate provides a gift card with a membership plan. Which cost at least three times higher than the membership plan cost. Apart from that you will join Probuzz network and got the corporate networking facility.
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Friday, August 2, 2019

Professors website as per UGC Norms

Probuzz Media has designed many websites for Center and state university professors. Our award-winning team works hard to provide excellent service to our clients. As we know this is an era of the digital world, everyone wants to be part of this digital platform to share his/her knowledge. Probuzz media will make your online presence in an appropriate way.


  • Help to connect more people
  • Post your content online
  • Survey
  • Feedback
  • Online Assignment for your student
  • Published your research in the form of digital
  • you can upload your lecture video
  • Automatic SMS service through website
  • Subcribe Service
  • Blog writing
  • Online picture/video gallery
  • Chat Interface
  • Student discussion corner
  • Social Media campaign
  • Reach on Probuzz Media member
  • Your personal Database Management


  • Responsive web design to best fit with all types of device
  • Social media creation and updation (FB,Twitter,Blog,Instagram,Twitter etc)
  • SMS/Calling service
  • Miss call service
  • Photo and video shoot by professionals
  • Making Design for a special day (Festivals,Event,Famous personality birthday,Special day etc)
  • Dynamic website (Client can change many things by its own)
  • Free SEO
  • Availability on Google
  • Content writing

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Marketing CRM

Marketing Management CRM with reach features that manage an organization work for example Attendance, HR, Calling, Followup, Reporting, MIS, etc.

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Media House Automation CRM

Media House Automation CRM

News portal CRM which covers all mandatory activity of a media house i.e. Circulation automation, E-Paper, Add Booking, Scheduling, Reporting, etc.

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CRM Play/Inter/Degree College

Fully customizable, robust, flexible CRM that best fit to all types of educational sector playschool to degree-level colleges. Covers all types of academic need.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019


PROBUZZ Media is constantly working towards an innovative ways of providing solution to the clients. We believe in constantly pushing our limits as it’s been said truly, Your limitation-It’s only your imagination. We work in dynamic environment and we constantly adapt ourselves with the changes in technologies.